The Emerging Relationship Between Business and Society

As a result of the realization of a global economy, Mid-east tension, and the immediacy provided by Internet and satellite technology, a new relationship is emerging between business and society — one that in many ways resembles the responsibility and obligation-based relationships of the past. This new relationship arouses questions within us as to how our choices and decisions affect the human community, how we define ourselves in a global community, and in what way we are relevant to these evolving conditions…those in positions of leadership can help themselves, as well as those in their charge, by learning to recognize these meaningful connections.

The Power of One

Within each of us are skills, talents and abilities that have been left untapped; these capacities are available to bring about real changes in not only our personal and professional lives, but the world around us.

Spheres of Influence

Every person exists within a multitude of interrelationships. These connections allow our smallest acts of kindness or cruelty to resonate far beyond our original intentions. By examining these relationships, and though motivations behind our actions, we can enrich our lives by becoming aware of the true influence of our existence.

Aligning Corporate And Social Responsibility

By their very nature, corporations and communities are indivisible. The larger community, the community of mankind, depends for its quality of existence upon the ethics and demonstrated values of human organizations. By aligning corporate and social responsibility, organizations can benefit from an improved sense of purpose and the actualization of a larger mission.

Our Global Community

From the most intimate of familial bonds to the most distant trade routes, humans have woven an intricate fabric of relationships. Each of us is a thread, and by means of our choices we create a life of patterns that becomes woven into the whole. The most powerful nations most often manage the loom. Now more than ever, these nations must gain an understanding of both the impact of their decisions, and the needs, desires, and contributions of the greater balance of humanity.

Aligning Personal and Professional Values

Nothing has a greater effect on organizational morale and performance than the discrepancy between an individual’s personal and professional values. By examining perceived gaps, it is possible to find ways to incorporate those values that arouse passionate motivation and professional/corporate objectives.

Business, Education, and Society

In order to ensure a future of strong economies and improved quality of life, business and education must be understood to be two sides to the same coin. Businesses prosper when they have access to a more educated staff and better educated consumers. By acting as a resource, promoting the concept of lifelong learning, and encouraging employees and the community at large to continue their formal and informal education, businesses play a pivotal role in improving society.