In Consideration

In Consideration… April 12, 2013

For those who don’t already know me, my name is Dianna Wuagneux and my background is in Cultural Anthropology & International Relations with a specialty in stabilization and conflict mitigation in Fragile States and Nations in Transition. I am American & currently live in the States although my work often takes me overseas.
Working with people in war-torn environments: farmers and hackers, teachers and politicians, “terrorists” and healthcare workers, arms dealers and humanitarian aid organizations, religious leaders, diplomats, the US and allied militaries, and the men women and children caught in the crossfire, has helped me to understand more deeply what I care about most, and how I want to spend my personal and professional energy. That is to:
 Discover new and expanded ways to be of more meaningful service to those in need; including clients, colleagues, insurgents, and those in harm’s way.
 Keep an active and open dialogue with experts in related fields in order to learn and share information in an effort to improve both policy and practice.
 Openly exchange information that may be useful to those who are interested in, or involved with, peace building, such as may be found in: related articles/white papers/conference materials, books, online interviews, grassroots endeavors, the doings of noteworthy organizations, and bits of relevant news.
 Create a forum through which to share experiences and insights that will help those in my own country, and others, gain a better, more realistic and comprehensive understanding of conflict in the world, and how as Nations we might be of assistance in better ways than we have historically, and equally, educate and inform others how we sometimes inadvertently (and sometimes intentionally) exacerbate conflict and contribute to destabilization, loss of life and property (theirs and ours).
And finally –
 Help people come to recognize how similar we are across borders and in doing so, facilitate a greater sense of kinship with one another. Many people in the world feel disillusioned when it comes to their future and that of their children. They feel misunderstood and powerless, taken advantage of by the power brokers in their society. Few feel an affinity for the individuals and groups that have chosen to bring them into a state of economic vulnerability, insurgency, or war. This is as true in my own country as it is in more disadvantaged states.
Across the globe regardless of politics, language, ethnicity, or faith, most people are moderate in their views as well as their behavior. Their main concerns are the same — putting food on the table, the protection and well-being of their parents, children and loved ones. They want peace. We are neighbors on this pretty little blue rock, and life will improve for all of us once we decide to collectively and consistently act like it. That’s all for today :-)
I will write when able and when moved to do so. I invite thoughts and comments that are in the spirit of this philosophy and those that may be of worth and inspiration to the like-minded.